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Located In Daylesford Victoria, Ned Kelly Wood Heaters has been manufacturing quality, clean burning Wood Heaters since 1984.

A Ned Kelly Wood Heater will provide impressive warmth and atmosphere to your home, with a distinct style that is unlike anything on the market. Each Ned Kelly Wood Heater is individually handcrafted from locally sourced quality materials.

As Ned Kelly Wood Heaters feature clean triple burn technology we are able to provide a heater that produces virtually no smoke and a minimum of ash, therefore requiring less frequent emptying than other fires. The efficient burn of Ned Kelly Wood Heaters makes the most of your firewood, generating maximum heat and keeping it in the room, not up the flue.

The large self-cleaning glass door remains clear during normal operation.

Ned Kelly Wood Heaters also provide the flexibility to adjust the level of heat output with a simple light touch air control. Allowing for maintained warmth and the convenience of overnight burning without the need to re-light the heater in the morning.

Ned Kelly fireboxs are constructed from durable 6mm steel and feature a 10 year warranty.

Railway Crescent, Daylesford Victoria | ph: 0411 539 645