The most recent addition to our range, this is the Ned Kelly Outlaw Wood Heater.


The Outlaw combines an innovative round design with all the tried and true features of our previous models, the result is a truly unique and eye-catching heater with great performance to match.


With a huge 17.4kW of heat, features unique to the Outlaw include; a laser cut round top plate, rolled steel shrouds and base, and a durable rolled 6mm steel firebox with extra depth for less frequent ash removal.


Other features shared by the full range of Ned Kelly Wood Heaters are retained including;


  • Shrouded convection firebox that projects heat from the fire out into the room without the need to continuously run the fan.
  • Three stage burn with baffle for efficiency, making the most of the wood you are burning, and keeping the heat in the room, not up the flue.
  • Self Cleaning Glass Door.
  • Single, light touch air control, that is easy to operate.
  • Overnight burn capability.
  • A 3 speed fan as standard.


Add Style and warmth to your home with a distinctive Ned Kelly Outlaw Wood Heater.


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